T&C – Building Sellers & Renters

Terms and Conditions for

Sellers – Residential, Commercial, Industrial

… to be incorporated in the General Terms & Conditions

Owners and properly authorised agents of owners:-

1.  May list the details of residential, commercial, industrial and similar property for sale or letting on this site by:-

a) fully completing and submitting details of such property using our official listing form

b) Upon payment of the listing fee/s (if any) specified from time to time under ‘fees & commissions’

     (After approval and payment of any fee due this will be simply copied and posted on the site by us.)

2. Understand that listing property on this website does not constitute a full estate agency, sales, marketing or other service, and that they are responsible for:-

a) Making proper and full declarations of information in the details to be listed

b) Assessing the correct value and asking price of the property

c) Arranging viewings and sales direct with any interested parties

d) Notifying Woodhouse Associates of the names and contact details of both prospective purchasers/tenants and eventual purchasers/tenants

3. Understand that Woodhouse Associates has not checked the stgatus of any of the prospective purchasers/tenants and are not liable for any subsequent loss or damage resulting from such introduction.

4. May instruct Woodhouse Associates to provide other professional services in accordance with the terms relating thereto, e.g.:-

a) Property, Condition, Land and Ground surveys

b) Valuations

c) Promotion, Sales & Marketing