T&C – Land & Site Sellers

Terms and Conditions for

Sellers – Land & Sites for Development

…. to be incorporated in the General Terms & Conditions

Woodhouse Associates has a growing number of buyers for land and other development property willing to pay our fees for introducing such property to them when they buy.

This enables us to provide a FREE LISTING SERVICE to assist owners of such land and development property to promote this for sale.

Owners and their Agents are therefore invited to prepare and submit full details of such development land and property on the understanding that:-:

1. We are not responsible for the content, although such details will be checked for reasonable accuracy and completeness

2. If found to be acceptable they will be listed on our website/s as available for sale or rental until we are advised that the land or development property has been sold, let, or withdrawn

3. When sold they will give us the full name/s and contact details of the buyer/s, together with when and how they were introduced to the sellers so that we may check whether the buyers :-

a) were introduced via our website listing

b) are liable to pay any introductory or other fees to us or our associates

4. If withdrawn they provide reasonable details of why and agree that if the property is sold within 18 months of the withdrawal date they will provide us with the information as in (3)

5. If the sellers fail to give us the information as in (3) or (4) they will pay any fees that would have been due if the property had been sold to a party introduced by us.

6.Owners are responsible for providing copies of any documents mentioned in their details to both Woodhouse Associates and prospective purchasers/tenants.

7. They may engage us to provide any other professional services to help them sell, e.g.:-

a) Property, Condition, Land and Ground Surveys

b) Valuations

c) Promotion, Sales & Marketing