Selling My Land


At the beginning of this section, we listed three important questions asked by people who wanted to sell their land.

Selling Land Privately

"For Sale By Owner" may influence the price obtained

We can now address these in the context of the foregoing.

  • How can I sell my land for the best price?
  • How can I get a quick, easy sale for my building land?
  • Is it better to sell to developers, self-builders, or investors?

Understanding the Basics

In all cases the answers relate to making sure you fully understand:-

  • any legal obstacles that need to be addressed
  • establishing appropriate comparative selling prices
  • what the development costs will be
  • what obligations may attach to any planning permission
  • recognising the type of buyer you are looking for.
  • the economic and commercial conditions affecting the land market

Selling Privately

If you then wish to sell your land privately you can do so through:-

  • word of mouth
  • direct approaches to development companies, house builders, and land agents
  • a growing number of websites.

While the Internet has helped with the ‘marketing’ problem, enabling (mainly private individual) land buyers to find land for sale more easily, the price you will obtain, the speed that you will effect a sale, and the type of buyer most likely to give you the best price most quickly, does depend on the channel, or agency, that you choose to use.

How Woodhouse Associates Can Help Sell Your Land

Town Planning Application Notices Must Be Displayed On the Land

Town Planning Notices

As we hope this section on Sellng Land has evidenced, Woodhouse Associates have the knowledge, experience and professional valuation capability to help you.

Besides professional valuation and marketing services, our internet based ‘land and property showroom’ provides a marketplace for sellers and buyers of land. Here sellers and land agents may upload and display details of their land free of charge.

However, a small charge may be made if assistance is required to produce details and upload these.

If agents are not retained and paid by land sellers, they may charge buyers a commission for finding the land for them if they buy it.
Overall, it does not matter who pays the agent, because the cost of their services will be reflected in the price paid for the land one way or the other.

Register of Buyers

Woodhouse Associates maintains a register of people looking to buy land throughout the UK and Overseas. This is growing all the time.

If you have property or land for sale, whether or not you have planning permission for it, there is a good chance one of our buyers will be interested in buying it.

Many of them will be looking to ‘Design & Build’ either as:-

Self Builder House Types

Many Timber Frame Self-Builders are Looking for Land Plots (Wikimedia Commons)

  • Self-Builders looking for individual plots, barns or other property to convert
  • House-Builders wanting land to build from one or two houses upwards
  • Housing Associations/ Residential Social Landlords for Affordable Housing
  • Land Developers who buy land, plan the optimum development, put in the infrastructure, and sell plots to Self-Builders and House-Builders, or other types of specialist developers and investors.
  • Operators of Care & Nursing Homes, Nursery Schools wanting to expand.
  • Community groups, like Village Halls and Sports Clubs for new facilities
  • Buyers for part complete developments from House-Builders, Mortgagors, etc.
  • JV Investors & Builders ready to develop your land & share the profits

Woodhouse Associates do not charge Commissions on Sale to Vendors / Sellers.
Instead fees are paid either by the buyers, or absorbed as part of our group ‘Design & Build’ package operations.