Planning & Land Valuation

Professional Land Valuations

Karl Marx - Philosopher

Marxist Philosophy Can Influence Planning & Land Values

At the beginning of this section we referred to ‘Know How’ in land sales.

More properly this should perhaps have been ‘Know How’ in Land Valuation.

Knowedge & Experience

We pointed out that not many Estate Agents deal with land sales on a regular basis. But probably an even fewer number have much, if any, experience of working out the value of land, taking into account all the things referred to above.

Land Planning ‘Contributions’

The same applies to local planning authorities and their officers.
When setting conditions for the grant of planning permissions, especially for larger areas of land or sizeable developments, they may place an arbitrary figure on the money that has to be paid over – or effectively reserved – for discharging those conditions.

The Value of a Professional Land Valuation

Since this sum will have an impact on the net, or ‘residual value’ of that land, it makes sense to engage a land valuer who has such knowledge and experience.

Indeed, you may need the input of an experienced professional land valuer to put your case to the local planning authority and minimise the ‘contribution’ that is applied as a planning condition to your land.