No Fees, Fee Rebates, Non Circumvention


That’s right!

No Listing Fees to Sellers of Land


We DO NOT charge land owners for listing  their development sites on our web site.

However, we do charge them for any professional work they ask us to do in preparing the site for sale, e.g.:-

  • Surveys
  • Obtaining Documents
  • Producing Plans
  • Securing Planning Permissions
  • etc…

… and for any specific sales and marketing work they wish us to undertake.

Land Buyers – Progressive Fees & Fee Rebates

If you buy a site where the listing land agent charges a finder’s fee, but you then order:

  • A professional service
  • A Timber Frame Kit
  • A Variable Turnkey Service

… from a Benfield ATT Group Company, they will rebte / reimburse a progressive amount of the finder’s fee, usually from 10% on minimum subsequent order of £1,500, up to 100% per single plot on an order over £30,000 for that plot

Please enquire for more details.


If you pass the details of a site where a fee is payable to someone else who buys the land or property, you still pay the fee.

This means that if you or an associate acquires such land or property and attempt to circumvent us, you are still liable to pay the FULL finder’s fee involved.

Your Land & Related Requirements

To access and download land and property details you need to register.  You can then log in and download :-

  • Location details of all land and property available
  • FREE updates on anything that becomes available
  • Any other information, like site plans, architectural drawings and planning documents that we have available.

If you have retained

… us to find for, or introduce land to you, you can also call on us for informal advice on anything related to the development of the site, including your development ideas, and costs involved.