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The main purpose of Woodhouse Associates is to deliver professional support services to owners, developers and builders of timber frame properties in the UK and overseas.

However, all of our services, including property sales and listings, are available for all other types of buildings.

This page sets out a selection of these services and an indication of the fees & commissions – if any – that we charge.

If in doubt, or if you have a special situation with which you would like assistance, please ‘phone for clarification and/or more information.

Free Listing of Land for Sale

If you wish to list a building plot, site or land for sale, there is no charge, but please use the standard listing form.

Woodhouse Associates’ support services include building design, timber frame manufacture, project management, etc. for developers, house-builders and self-builders.

Because many of them are looking for appropriate building plots and sites throughout the UK and overseas, we provide a Free Listing Service for owners of land with, or suitable for obtaining planning permission. .

Land owners, agents and land scouts are invited to submit full details of land for sale to be included in our widely accessed website using the standard listing form provided.

Site Finder’s Fees are protected –  see details

Site Finding Services

The UK government has announced its intentions to boost the output of new homes via the Self Build sector.

At the same time, more and more people are moving away from the UK to France, Spain, Italy and other ‘sunbelt’ countries, maybe for a new career or retirement.

In all cases they have one thing in common – the need for somewhere to live and, very often, the land to build it on.

Woodhouse Associates’ national and international coverage gives us a distinctive ‘edge’ in helping you to find the development land or building plot that you are looking for.

Individuals and small house-building firms can now take advantage of the same Land Scout site finding services that large national volume house- builders and other developers use to save huge amounts of time and money.

Our fees for this are usually commission based, starting at around 2% of the eventual purchase price in the UK, with a minimum of £1,500.  Overseas they can be a bit higher, depending on individual country conditions, legislation and your requirements..

Specialist Timber Frame Sales Services

All properties are promoted nationally and internationally via services available exclusively to professional firms like Woodhouse Associates.

Indicative fees and commissions, depending on location, age, construction type and individual circumstances

Building Size

up to 250m2

251-400m2 401 – 700m2 Over 700m2
Basic condition survey


£250 £350 £500

Full structural survey


£450 £550




£250 £350


‘Qualified’ Asking Price


£75 £100


Basic 3 month web listing


£30 £35


Prepare property details


£150 £200


Full estate agency


1.75% 1.5% 1%


Listing of Buildings for Sale or Rent

Basic 3 month web listing & fees
Prepare and submit details of the property you wish to list using the standard listing form provided. (Special listing requirements can usually be accommodated for a small extra fee – please call to discuss these).

Your submission will be checked for comprehensiveness plus typographical and grammatical accuracy and, if necessary, with you for any clarifications thought necessary or desirable.

When accepted it you will be asked to pay the 3 month listing fee noted in the table above by either credit card, debit card, pay-pal, or BACs, after which your listing will be added in accordance with the our T&C – Building Sellers and Renters.

These require that you give us information on who views your property and when it is sold or withdrawn from the market so that we can adjust the web site listing accordingly.


If you want to continue to display your property after 3 months, you will need to renew your listing at a basic fee of £20 for each 3 month thereafter.

 ‘Qualified’ & ‘Unqualified’ Asking Prices

These listings specify whether the asking price has been pre-qualified by us or not. Such ‘Qualification’ involves area comparisons, clarification of building type, age and general condition without a survey. It provides additional information to prospective purchasers to assist them in formulating any offer they wish to make.

Low Cost Estate Agency Sales

A specialist, low – or no – cost ‘self-listing’ Estate Agency Sales Service, with all properties being promoted nationally and internationally via services available exclusively to professional firms like Woodhouse Associates.is available for:-

  • Professional firms requiring specialist assistance with the marketing on timber framed properties
  • Existing owners of timber frame properties wishing to sell privately
  • Developers and builders of timber frame bungalows, houses, flats, offices, and industrial / warehouse units.

Please enquiry for details.


Special rates apply to professional and developer listings, depending on volume.

Please contact us for details

Financial Support Services for Timber Frame Buildings

Free initial information of where to obtain mortgages and insurance.
Fees may apply if we are retained to help find your specific requirements.
We do not provide financial advice or recommendations.   

Any information provided, or comments made must NOT be taken as professional advice.  

Free Guidance Information

This is generally available through the websites of Woodhouse Associates and other group companies covering the ownership of timber framed properties, including:-

  • the extraordinary benefits provided by modern timber frame structures
  • hints and tips on maintaining older timber frame properties
  • guidance on upgrading and extending timber buildings
  • how timber frame is helping win the battle for environmental sustainability

These are maintained via free ‘Frequently Asked Questions’

If you have more specific detailed questions then a consultation can usually be arranged at modest cost via: e-mail, telephone, skype, or personal visit

Surveys & Valuations

In addition to the Nationwide Structural Surveying service fees listed under Specialist Timber Frame Sales Services above, FREE Guidance on the valuation, pricing and marketing of timber frame homes and other buildings is available via our FAQ’s, articles and other information  on our group websites.

Low Cost Support Services

Woodhouse Associates has preferential rate arrangements for clients with:-

  • Architectural Timber Frame Design services for Developers, House-builders and Self Builders
  • Building Warranty Insurance providers
  • Firms of Removers