Professional Associates

Professional Collaboration

Specialising in Timber Frame Buildings, our growing practice welcomes collaboration with other professionals – both individuals and firms.


If you have a need for – or can offer – any professional service that you feel would complement ours, please contact us for an initial informal discussion.

Growing Need

Timber buildings have been a feature of British & Continental landscapes for hundreds of years.

Post war growth in the use of various types of timber frame structures means that today there is an increasing need for professional services to survey, value, market and sell their impressive features.

The Need is Growing Because …

Highly sustainable timber has:-

Medieval Timber Frame House

Ancient & Modern Timber Frame

  • extremely low CO2 emissions
  • less embodied energy than most other building materials
  • a very low ‘U’-value

Well-designed and constructed timber frame buildings have:-

  • surprisingly accurate dimensional accuracy
  • less water / moisture content than ‘wet build’ masonry
  • less drying out and shrinkage movement
  • hardly any on site waste to cart away to land fill
  • greater airtightness than brick and block buildings

This means that they are becoming increasingly popular with:-

  • home buyers & improvers who want to save on energy bills
  • house-builders and self-builders who want fast, efficient, cost controlled projects
  • building warranty providers who see the benefits of fewer post completion issues
  • central and local government who need to meet climate change commitments

Demand for Professionals

All of this adds up to a growing demand for professionals who have – or can access – the range of expertise, knowledge and experience to enable them to:-

  • Promote, Market & Sellthe benefits of timber frame for:-

    Big demand from Self Builders

    • House-builders and  Developers
    • (Serial) Self-Builders
    • Homeowners who have extended their property with timber frame
      … in their area
  • Reliably survey and value timber frame properties in their locality for:-
    • Prospective buyers
    • Mortgage lenders
    • Insurers
  • Address dilapidations and specify remedial works on older and ancient timber frame structures for:-
    • Landlords
    • Tenants
    • Local and other authorities (e.g. conservation area & listed buildings officers)
  • Assist and advise clients on designing and specifying timber frame buildings for:-
    • Planning applications
    • Building Regulations
    • New build
    • Conversions

      raising the roof for a ne timber frame house

      Prefabricated designs save clients money

    • Foundation requirements & Energy Assessments

Register of Professional Associates

As members of Chartered Building Consultants and Chartered Surveyors, the Benfield Advanced Timber Technology Group, Woodhouse Associates are fully versed in all of the above.

We provide our expertise to other firms as and when they have a need for this. But, to keep pace with demand, we need to recruit other people with appropriate capabilities elsewhere.

Our UK & Overseas Register of Associates is open to individuals and firms who have some interest in, or knowledge of, timber and timber framed structures.

Please contact us to discuss how we can share the benefits of this rapidly growing, but highly specialist market.