Vision Values & Mission



A future in which our ‘building footprints’, including their occupants and/or users, are self-contained with regard to all resources required during each building’s lifetime.

Sustainable Timber Strucutres have Green Footprints

Timber Buildings Tread Lightly On The Earth


Guided by the principle need for global environmental sustainability, Woodhouse Associates believes that the long term health and wealth of earth’s rapidly expanding population is linked to the way in which people are housed.

To this end we believe that all buildings should be sufficiently spacious, future-proof, and low cost in operation to facilitate the personal growth in all respects of those people that they house.

Life-cycle costing is therefore at the core of our approach to survey, valuation and property consultancy.

We seek collaboration with all property professionals subscribing to similar values.


To promote and encourage the creation, rent, purchase and use of highly energy and resource efficient timber structures by:-

  • helping individuals, developers and investors to locate and acquire land and development sites suitable for conversion, adaptation, renewal or new construction of buildings that ‘tread lightly on the earth’.
Timber Buildings in Stavanger Town Centre

Stavanger's Centuries Old 1,000+ Timber Buildings

  • providing information, literature, consultancy and related professional services to help prospective buyers and existing owners assess the potential of their property.
  • assisting owners and developers of timber buildings to present, market, rent or sell them in the most advantageous manner possible.
Commercial & Retail Timber Buildings

'Lanteren' feature of Timber Commercial & Retail Buildings, Sandnes, Norway

  • to become ‘first choice’ for everything connected with professional services dedicated to timber frame buildings.