Toward Better Building


Better Buildings are Greener

Greener Buildings are Better

Nationally & Internationally

… the drive for Better Buildings is on, as evidenced by, for example:-

  •  The Better Buildings Partnership (BBP)         This collaboration between major commercial property owners and allied organisations in London has the support of the Mayor of London and Greater London Authority
  •  The Green Building Management Toolkit      This provides guidance on how to establish and run a Green Building Management Group (GBMG) to effectively manage, monitor & record environmental improvements in a commercial building.
  •  The Better Buildings Initiative        President Obama’s drive to make commercial buildings 20% more energy efficient by 2020 and accelerate private sector investment in energy efficiency.

    Major Commercial & Industrial Buildings Have Timber Structures

    Timber Frame of £8.5m Centre for Sustainability (,uk)

Timber Buildings are Better

Timber is one of the most sustainable building materials on earth.

Woodhouse Associates are leading advocates of timber structures and the benefits timber frame can

bring to their owners and developers.

Just as there is a distinction between existing building stock and new buildings, so there is between ‘wet builds’ and dry timber structures.  To survey, value, market and sell them requires specialist knowledge of the building science and building performance criteria involved.

Although still offering a full range of general professional property services, it is this specialism that Woodhouse Associates now makes more widely available.


Simply Self Build Timber Frame

Self Builder's Have More Options With Timber Frame

Before embarking on what may be the most ambitious, and possibly most stressful, project they will ever undertake, Woodhouse Associates provides a valuable sounding board for the ideas, budgets and future sales values of Self Builder’s.

This is equally important for those ‘serial self-builders’ who may have completed one or more projects, but need to be kept abreast of changing legislation and market trends.  And also which site to choose for their next venture.

Home Improvers

With considerably more major home improvements and extensions being carried out than new house builds every year, this is a surprisingly overlooked area.

Monmouthsire Timber Frame Home Improvement

Timber Frame Extensions Are Increasingly Popular

This is all the more important as increasing numbers of ‘self-extenders’ turn to the efficiencies, speed and other benefits that can be found by using timber frame construction for their project.

Like every other property owner, they need their concerns about suitability of the method for their scheme, the costs and ultimate effect on resale values, etc. to be addressed.

In such circumstances they can call on Woodhouse Associates to act as counsellors.

House Builders & Developers

Unlike the large national volume house-builders, many smaller regional and local house builders and developers do not have easy access to housing market trends and other information that can determine whether their next project:-

  • can be properly priced
  • sufficiently marketed within reasonable budgets
  • sold quickly and in line with an optimum,
    House Builders Using Benfield ATT Timber Frame

    Timber Frame Developments Sell Quickly

    coordinated construction and sales patterns

To gain insight into such matters there are of course many related issues to be considered.

In all such respects Woodhouse Associates can be of assistance.  Including, of course, helping them find and select on-going land and site acquisitions.

Information Resources

In the same way that our predecessors, Edward Savage & Associates, developed and provided leading edge facilities and services for prospective home buyers 30 years and more ago, the quest of Woodhouse Associates is to provide Better Services for owners and constructors of timber buildings.

Helping prospective buyers of timber frame houses, for example, also helps those self-builders and house builders who erect them.

Wherever possible such information will be made widely available at no, or low cost. Even

Informaation on Timber Structures

Information to Help Owners

specific consultations and services relating to particular properties or development schemes benefit from especially competitive fee structures.

By making best use of modern technology and techniques, our on-line articles, FAQ’s, ‘quick questions’ and open forums provide an initial source of information.

These are aimed to help visitors fully understand the implications, including costs & benefits of timber structures. Via our on-line seminars, they will also be able to ‘Meet the Professionals’, including mortgage advisors, insurance


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Medieval Property Survey & Valuation