About Us

Hello, and thank you for visiting Woodhouse Associates.

As demand for buildings to be both energy efficient and sustainable grows, more and more people worldwide recognise the benefits offered by timber framed structures. Unfortunately few property and construction professionals have sufficient knowledge and experience to satisfactorily service this growing market sector.

It is this shortage in all aspects of specialist timber frame consultancy that Woodhouse Associates addresses”.

Michael Benfield
October 2011

WoodHouse Associates is the successor to Edward Savage & Associates, a small chain of surveyors, valuers and estate agents that began life in the Midlands in the early 1960’s.

Ever innovative in its quest to provide better services, it was the first professional firm to :-

  • use coloured photographs on property details
  • implement walk round self-select showrooms
  • provide ‘open house’ viewing days
  • offer chauffer services for individual home inspections
  • apply computer aided matching of buyers with properties.

Recognising the importance of helping prospective buyers fully understand the cost and other implications of home buying, they also established ‘Meet The Professionals’ open seminar evenings in their showrooms.  At these mortgage advisors, insurance specialists, and property valuation experts all provided introductions on selected topics and answered questions from the visiting public.

Via such activities and constant endeavours to serve the best interests of both buyer and seller clients, the practice quickly outsold all other agencies in their areas.

Now renamed “WoodHouse Associates”, the practice will concentrate on helping the increasing numbers of house-builder developers, self-builders, and home improvers to both value, sell, and buy timber framed properties.