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Summary: A planning application has been granted for two large 3 bedroomed dormer bungalows of approximately 1776 sq/ft each was recommended for approval in 2007, but subsequently refused planning consent and a written appeal dismissed in January 2008. The planning Inspector accepted that the site lies within the development boundary of Bath, in a sustainable location with good access to a wide range of services. However, it was felt that the effect of the proposed development would not be awcceptable tin terms of its impact on the character and appearance of the surrounding area. The inspector concluded that the loss of this open land would materially harm both the context of the local landscape and the setting of the World Heritage site, thus unacceptably affacting the character and appearance of the surrounding area.

The Site: The site is approximately 35 metres in length by 12 metres in width and has previously been used as an allotment and is now overgrown. there is a slight slope from south to north of some 1.63 metres. The site overlooks a play area and open space. The council is prepared to grant rights of way over its privately owned access road but may be looking for a contribution in order to do so.

The site has access to all main services including gas


The site can be viewed through The Land Bank Partnership.

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The agent introducing this site is  (The Land Bank Partnership).
You only pay them a fee of 2% of the eventual purchase price if you buy the site
(You may be able to reclaim part, or all of this fee if you buy other buildings or services from the Benfield ATT Group)

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