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Multiple Building Plot Bedminster Ref: 12889-000401

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A detailed planning consent has been granted for 12 apartments. The 5 x 2 bedroom apartments are, on average approximately 800 sq.ft. The 7 x 1 bedroomed apartments are, on average, approximately 570 sq.ft. The design is contemporary to allow for two new building buildings, a 3 storey building to the side and rear of the existing, and a 2 storey building positioned between the boundary walls. The existing Victorian 2 storey building and gable end, extending some 3 metres back is to be retained as it is considered to have architectural and historic merit in this conservation area.

The Site:
the site is level and will require the partial demolition of all structures except the Victorian frontage. The site is approximately 584 sq.m to also allow for 4 car parking spaces and a courtyard garden.

The Area:
Bedminster was part of Somerset until 1831 and sits on the south side of the City of Bristol.

The site can be viewed only by appointment through Woodhouse Associates- The Land Bank Partnership.

Site Location and Directions

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Agents & Fees 

The agent introducing this site is  (The Land Bank Partnership).
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Bristol City Council has granted a detailed planning consent.

the site has access to all main services including gas.